Precision separation cuts for almost any material  


We offer sales, service and consulting on all aspects of the diamond wire slicing process.


The Wire Saw Solution Group (WSSG) is a US based company that specializes in the sales and service of wire saw machines and diamond wire solutions. We are the official US distributor for Diamond WireTec, a German Precision OEM manufacturer of the world’s finest diamond wire saws. Perfect for slicing small samples and lab level separation cuts. Our saws are the ideal slicing solution for crystals, ceramics and small & difficult to cut materials.


Our group consists of industry experts who have decades of experience with a variety of different diamond wire sawing equipment and approaches.  We can provide a level of service, that has been previously unavailable to the marketplace, because of our extensive experience slicing challenging crystals, ceramics and exotic materials with diamond based cutting abrasives.

 We offer demos and contract slicing services for customers who would like to better understand the cutting precision offered by the suite of Diamond WireTec Saws.


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